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Aleksandra Tesanovic

Aleksandra Tesanovic

08-09-2012 om 20:59

Playgrounds more important than good care

Building a playground is a higher priority than employing passionate workers at my local daycare.

One of the workers at my local daycare will be laid off as a cost cutting measure. The most passionate worker, who most actively interacts with the children has been chosen for the redundancy. My daycare fires according to length of employment ahead of passion for the job: to the detrement of the quality of the service.

Next year the playground that is currently being built will be completed. I hope there will be children left to play there.

My daughter is going full-time to one (of many) Koreinkinderplein daycare centers in Eindhoven, which is affected by reduction of kids and therefore needs to find a way to compensate and survive. For them this means letting people go. My child will be cramped into a bigger group, lead by nannies that have been working there the longest, supported by temporary nannies. The most passionate nanny is being laid off. She was chosen as she has been working there for the shortest time.

To make things worse, at the same time as they are asking people to leave to save money on the expense of my daughter's care, the daycare is spending a hefty sum of money to rebuild the playground "speeltuin" (which was not perfect but was playable and ok). What is the point of new playground if there is no one to play? What is the point of asking someone to leave to get less qualified staff to provide care to my child? Why am I paying such huge sum for daycare if this is what it boils down to?

I asked my colleagues at the office and they all experience this in their local daycares. So I am now wondering why is no one doing anything about it? Why are parents not speaking up? And why is this not on the news so that someone would feel obliged to do something about it? ...and I do not even mean changing the laws or doing dramatic things..I am talking about enabing one person at the time to stay at daycare so that kids would have good care, on the expense of other, less important things, like fancy playground or new furniture...

Ginny Twijfelvuur

Ginny Twijfelvuur

08-09-2012 om 23:25

You're right

And I can tell you: the new playground at our KKP isn't that wonderfull at all. The old one was not that much but playable, the new one is a laugh...

I think fancy playgrounds and new furniture is for windowdressing. Devoted workers and child care rates are more important for good care but less sellable.

I think Korein recuperate itself.

Ginny Twijfelvuur

Ginny Twijfelvuur

08-09-2012 om 23:26


I think Korein HAS to recuperate itself.



13-09-2012 om 11:40

That's why we left

A new playground is windowdressing, looks good for new parents. Devoted nannies are far more important, and it's a shame the most devoted one has been asked to leave. This is more common than you think, also in other towns, and it's the reason we went to a gastouder (daycare in someone's own home, small group, and an experienced mum as nanny).



18-10-2013 om 22:08


I don't know the insights of the organisation in the Netherlands, but I know that the school I work for in the UK gets grants or funding for something specific. We cannot use the ICT funding for the employment of staff members. We cannot use the budget for staff on playground materials or the other way around. So, it may not be as simple as it seems to you. Have you asked the finance manager for details?

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